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Jamal Subin
Jamal Subin

Street Fighter II: V

Ryu and Ken Masters are close friends and both are martial artists. In order to become better fighters and learn new techniques, they travel the world and are exposed to many different fighting styles, as well as meeting new people. During their journey, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy perpetrated by a mysterious organisation called Shadowlaw, both now face their ultimate challenge and must fight for their lives as they combat the evil M. Bison.

Street Fighter II: V

Watched the entire series for Free on Youtube. As a kid entering highschool, this was a fore adaptation of street fighter, prefered the younger characters back then and still do. Ryu wearing jordans and shit all fire. On an art level was all fun but wish SF IIV had better story telling woulda been an all time favorite. SF usually has shit story in general so this is better. 041b061a72


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