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Buy Panasonic Cr2016 3v Battery

Two, three or more conventional batteries can be replaces by a single lithium battery. That's because there's a lot of power in this ultra-compact design: 3V. Thanks to the Panasonic lithium coin CR2016 battery, even very small devices can now be provided with a powerful source of energy.

buy panasonic cr2016 3v battery

Panasonic Lithium Coin CR2016 batteries provide long lasting reliable power in various devices.This battery is frequently used in car key remotes, medical devices, Digital Watches, fitness devices,Toys and other electronics.Highly dependable and long-lasting power

The nominal capacity CR2016 battery is 90 mAh, with a maximum continuous discharge current of 1 mA, a standard continuous discharge current of 0.1 mA, and a maximum pulse current in the 5 mA and 15 mAh range.

Good capacity when the battery is drained with 0.1 mA current ensures that the battery can operate for a longer period of time, while a good pulse rating ensures proper operation of digital watches with alarms, LED lights, and other similar features that may require short but relatively strong currents.

And if the CR2016 battery is good enough for such use, it is then good for other uses as well, including key chain LED flashlights, remote controllers, Bluetooth sets, thermometers, CMOS memory backup, credit card size devices, etc.

LiR2016 batteries - IMHO, although they can be recharged many times, their lower nominal capacity and voltage difference make them not very popular CR2016 battery replacement. Of course, there is also a voltage difference issue (3.6-3.7V vs. 3.0V) that some devices simply don't tolerate.

CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032 feature the same battery diameter (20 mm), but the CR2016 battery features one-half the height of the CR2032 battery and is very close to the height of the CR2025 battery (1.6 vs. 2.5 mm).

Devices that are powered with CR2032 batteries, not having explicitly written by their manufacturers that they can be powered using a pair of CR2016 instead of a single CR2032 battery, should NOT be powered using CR2016 batteries - 6.0 vs. 3.0 volts difference can easily damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Some devices that use CR2016 batteries may accept a single CR2025 battery instead of a single CR2016 battery - since the CR2025 battery features a larger capacity and is able to provide stronger currents, a single CR2025 battery may replace a single CR2016 battery if there are no issues with contacts and battery compartment deformation.

On the other hand, if the battery compartment intended for the CR2025 battery may firmly accept the CR2016 battery, then the CR2016 battery may replace a single CR2025 battery, but one must be aware that the CR2016 battery features lower capacity and is not able to provide as strong currents as CR2025 battery and it may not last as nearly as CR2025 battery.

CR2016 battery is a non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) battery featuring physical dimensions of (D x H) 20 x 1.6 mm, a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts, a cutoff voltage of 2.0 volts, and a nominal capacity of 85-100 mAh.

Brand new CR2016 battery should have 3.0 volts. During normal operation, the voltage drops down to 2.7-2.8 volts, and when the battery is almost discharged, the voltage sharply drops down to 2.0 volts.

Generally, no, a single CR2016 battery cannot be replaced by a single CR2032 battery. Some battery compartments intended for CR2016 batteries do accept CR2016, CR2020, CR2025, and CR2032 batteries, but that must be explicitly written and allowed by the device's manufacturer - please, check the documentation that came with your device.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for a CR2016 battery replacement, consider a CR2016 battery from reputable brands, especially if you need it for digital watches, PDAs, and similar.

Compact but capable, the Panasonic CR2016 Lithium Coin Cell is the perfect power source for a wide range of electronics. Typically used in small, high performance devices like cameras, glucose meters, and alarm systems, this powerful battery delivers 3 Volts of impressive power and holds a sizable charge of 90 mAh. The CR2016 uses a potent Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry, which not only provides it with its impressive power, but gives it a remarkably long shelf life of 10 years, allowing it to be stored around the house until it's needed.

Primary Non-Rechargeable Batteries in differing technologies including Alkaline, Lithium and Silver Oxide. These offer choices of battery characteristic such as energy density, current drain and cost. Batteries can also be optimised for different applications by suitable selection of AA, AAA, button cell and other sizes, weight and self-discharge current. 041b061a72


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