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Adik - When You're Gone (Original Mix) [UPD]

By night time Ashera sat alone in a room and flinched when the door was knocked on. Hearing from a hooded figure that master has summoned him, he headed down the halls to a another room. He walked clutching his chest, wondering is there a point, really any reason to do even this just to survive. Beginning to shed tears, Ashera thought to his mother that he is scared, and remembering his mother and Krul he wished that he had gone to have one last meal with them. Thinking of Krul specifically, Ashera wiped his tears with the thought that Krul might still be alive somewhere and may be waiting for him to rescue her. Determined, Ashera felt he had to make sure he lives before coming to the door.[21]

Adik - When You're Gone (Original Mix)

Having the memory of Yu as a child, when he was still at home with his parents, the scenario occurs in a room with a tipped-over table and bottles on the floor with papers, pens, and drinks spilled. Playing out Yu's mother kneeling on the kitchen floor, while his father curses him calling him demon spawn, Asuramaru it aware Yu's father said he must kill the Seraph of the End as soon as possible or else the world will be ruined. The memory of Yu's father holding a large knife and chasing his son into a apartment hallway, is intermixed with forms of Akane and Mika appearing. Asuramaru has Mika speak that because Yu ran away, he became a vampire, and Akane wishing that Yu had not come to the orphanage. Continuing that everything has gone horribly wrong since he done so, with the remark that he should have just died here, Yu's dad then appears in the doorway. Speaking for him to die as this is the end for him, and that he will disappear here, Asuramaru replays the instance of Yu's his dad stabbing his son through his back and left side of his chest.

The finished bars. Holy guacamole were these good! Not only were they amazing when they were still warm, but once chilled in the refrigerator, which is where I stored them. Jon ate these for breakfast every day until they were gone. He loved them and asked that I make them again really soon! 041b061a72


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