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You describing your high school experience gave me a flashback to middle school. My sister would give me a lot of shit because we had designated areas where black people and white people stood before school. The place where white people stood was called Honkyville. And she was like...Wow.


There are a couple of things that I have to ask you. Are the fake rappers on the wall modeled after anybody in particular?Nah, it's just archetypes of rappers. No one is pointed out specifically, nah. We had conversations about it and just figured, "Yo, it's probably for the best that it's just an archetype of a rapper," you know what I mean? We just wanted to include every type of artist, every type of rap artist. So that's really all it was. And even when you look at the video, if you pay attention, it's kind of designed for all the people on one side to be younger and all the people on the other side to be older, in the award show scene. When you look at it in the beginning, you'll see like, everybody's older when the camera's first panning across, and on the other side, everybody's younger. Because Cole is supposed to be in the middle of these age groups. I guess you'd have to watch it a bunch of times to know that.

Fellow rapper Kodak Black was released from prison on August 18, 2018, after being sentenced to 364 days as he was arrested on January 2018 on multiple charges stemming from an Instagram live-feed video showing him passing marijuana and a gun around a small child. 041b061a72


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