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sociopaths are a fascinating and complex social class of individuals. because they can skirt, or even pull off, a machiavellian persona so well, it is easy to underestimate the social and political power they hold in the inner circles of many organizations. it can be difficult to figure out who these individuals are, what motivates them, how they rationalize their actions, and what a sociopath does to play against the system and gain their goals. these men and women use charm and guile to attempt to look and sound like anyone else. they appear to have a deep attachment to people and places. when asked to think about their previous lives, they may tell completely different stories from each other. the truth, of course, is that the past is a thing they can shed as easily as they shed their skin or pants. sociopaths can be extremely charming, have highly intelligent, engaging personalities, seem to "fit in" perfectly with any group, and can create a global image that completely masks the reality of who they are and what they do. sociopaths are marked by having a hard time identifying or understanding emotions. however, their behavior can be both remarkable and consistent. sociopaths have difficulties in being able to admit a mistake, or a fact that they don't feel good about. additionally, they can appear almost emotionless, as if they are living in a different realm or part of their brain than the rest of us. sociopaths can argue for hours over the smallest detail and never be able to get one-hundredth of what they really mean. at the same time, they are capable of committing unconscionable acts of physical violence or self-mutilation just to make themselves feel better. they can be very self-destructive and perform suicidal or dangerous stunts to get attention. unemotional and irresponsible, they will usually manipulate and/or abuse their personal relationships in order to get something that they want.


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