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Create from clickable prototypes to fully-functional simulations, without typing a single line of code. We provide a full range of tools, so that you can focus on creating delightful user experiences. Testing through simulations will reduce rework and boost user adoption.


Create prototypes for websites and web apps that adapt to multiple screen resolutions for desktop and mobile. The UI elements in your screens will also adapt automatically. One free prototyping tool to rule all devices!

Visualize your web and mobile prototypes, while you design them. Simulate prototype behavior while you design. Use our Emulator and Viewer App to test your prototype live on any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

People love free steam games, no doubt. But what many people hate is downloading so many parts and trying to install them on their own. This is why we are the only site that pre-installs every game for you. We have many categories like shooters, action, racing, simulators and even VR games! We strive to satisfy our users and ask for nothing in return. We revolutionized the downloading scene and will continue being your #1 site for free games.

I shared my prototype with a colleague who was going to present it, but he will not have internet access and therefore cannot share the prototype as an active project - only static images of my artboards which does not give the full experience of the prototype.

We would like to be able to share/publish prototypes on a private/corporate cloud, not Adobe Cloud. We cannot publish to Adobe cloud for security reasons. Please create a way for us to be able to publish and share prototypes on a private network.

If you mark layers for export and include assets when publishing design specs, you can download them from the published design specs link. Vector assets are available in SVG, PNG, PDF, and JPG formats while bitmap assets can be exported in PNG, PDF, and JPG formats.

If you are a developer, you can download assets from the published design specs link shared with you. You can download all the downloadable assets on an artboard at the same time in the screen details view. You can also download assets individually in the layer details view.

Assets are downloaded as .zip files in the Downloads folder on your machine. When downloading images, you can change the format of vector images to SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPG, and the format of bitmap images to PNG, PDF, and JPG.

apunka games is very trusted website . it provide us all games which are present all over the world. i downloaded over 1500 games from this website and almost all games are working properly . thank you so much apunkagames.

In a lab test, a full duplex DOCSIS 4.0 system-on-chip (SoC) cable modem built by Broadcom delivered upload and download speeds faster than 4 gigabits per second (Gbps) powered by 10G network technology.

That announcement followed major 10G milestone announcements in April 2021 of the first-ever live lab test of a 10G system-on-chip (SOC) and October 2020, of a trial delivering 1.25 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) upload and download speeds over a live production network using Network Function Virtualization (NFV) combined with the latest DOCSIS technology.

A key component of 10G, DOCSIS 4.0 is an evolutionary leap forward in the ability to deliver multigigabit upload and download speeds over the connections already installed in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide.

In addition to providing a path to multigigabit upload and download speeds at scale, 10G updates will deliver near-term benefits to customers in the form of increased reliability, performance, and lower latency, the company said.

This prototype build is very incomplete, with a number of incomplete Zones. Attempting to play the game normally, only the entirety of Green Hill Zone and Marble Zone, as well as the first Acts of Spring Yard Zone (Sparkling Zone) and Star Light Zone are playable. Most other levels in the game can only be accessed via the level select, and neither of them can be completed due to the lack of signposts and bosses, with Scrap Brain Zone (Clock Work Zone) Act 3 and Final Zone being nonexistent.

Among the Zones present in this prototype, there are many things that are different from the final build, such as different backgrounds, very different level layouts, and objects that would be deleted or dummied out. The existence of many of these differences has been known for years via early magazine scans and video footage, and their presence in this prototype reveals some insight on the game's development.

An EPROM cartridge of the prototype was found by Buckaroo, who dumped the cartridge to be released by drx of Hidden Palace. The prototype was streamed on Twitch on December 31, 2020, with the ROM being released on January 1, 2021.

D-GEO-Suite Settlement version 0.0.1, released in December 2021, is a prototype made for users to provide feedback, and must not be used for commercial purposes.We will follow-up with a D-Settlement Community User Day on Tuesday 21 December 2021 (13:00-15:00), to collect your feedback and answer your questions.

PVS has had many contributors over the years, but would probably not even exist without the continuing support and encouragement from the NASA Langley Formal Methods Research Program. They have been with us from the beginning, and have put together a huge library of PVS theories that are freely available. It is highly recommended that you download and use these, both as libraries and as examples of complex PVS specifications and proofs. Many of the tools currently in PVS were developed by this group. Check out the link for details on PVS related research sponsored by NASA. There you can even learn about how the NASA PVS Library was featured in the movie "The Martian"

In this game you will see new protagonist named as James Heller and the main tasks of Heller to destroy Black light virus. The game has stunning graphic and sound effects quality. The aim of James to destroy the virus due to his family because they are killed by this virus and another protagonist Alex Heller. The best thing about this game is that the James can change the shape of his face and by this opportunity he can sharply take revenge and can complete his mission. To fight against his enemies the James has super human ability and latest power technology which has many benefits for the game players. Players also be able to use powerful weapons to fight against the enemies and some real effects are also added in this game. Anew power Tendril which is responsible to smash objects into another objects and Black Hole power to kill the enemies include. You may also like to download Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition.

Got some unexpected time on your hands and a yearning for simpler times? May we present an original prototype ROM of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, courtesy of The Centre for Computing History, for your tinkering pleasure.

Alas, the board itself appears to be unhappy. The team removed all the chips and tested the circuits before putting the silicon back in and firing up the prototype... "Sadly it didn't work," Fitzpatrick said. "It produced a black screen with [a] white border."

There are no immediate plans to repair the thing, as Fitzpatrick observed "we haven't had time to dedicate [to] fault finding it," noting that with the ROMs downloaded, there was little need to make it functional and "we certainly wouldn't want to replace components to make it function as then it is no longer completely original."

As for the prototype itself, the museum is open to suggestions of loaning the device to other establishments for display (once the country is able to slip the national gearbox out of neutral) and continues to be on the lookout for unusual hardware or, better, the behind-the-scenes documentation of the companies and people behind the computing artefacts.

Naturally, we downloaded the ROM and took it for a spin in a handy emulator. The really interesting stuff comes when one starts poking about to see how things differ and speculate on what was going through the minds of the designers.

Quant-UX requires so little effort to prototype and test, that students and researchers I work with saw the benefits immediately after starting to use the tool. Either for remote testing or in support of moderated usability tests, Quant-UX is very convenient because it easily provides a number of reliable metrics, which would be difficult to collect otherwise.

Pyramid systems is creating a desktop application for our customer, who is supporting users distributed throughout the whole of the continental U.S. With Quant-UX we are able to create new prototypes quickly to prove new hypotheses about specific sections of our application, while being able to expand on previous prototypes and prove our work flow to completion. Quant-UX gives us the ability to analyze the user's mouse actions, measure the time taken to complete the task, and measure how successful the team is at achieving the user's goal. We can do this without having to deploy any part of our desktop application to our test user's workstation.

We've used Quant-UX on multiple design research projects, where we needed to get some quantitative data on usability. It's helped us make better informed decisions in situations where we cannot spend time coding the prototypes. With the ability to cheaply test A/B designs, and even embed logic and screen recordings, it's offered us all the analytics and metrics we could possibly need. Quant-UX is a really powerful tool in our toolkit, and we look forward to its evolution

Triumph announce the official completion of the TE-1 electric development project, with the release of the final prototype test results that exceed the project objectives and demonstrate the incredible success of this unique collaboration.

The Bendy and the Ink Machine prototype was the earliest known demo, released on February 10, 2017, on Game Jolt once before eventually being taken down. With Chapter 1: Moving Pictures only available, the demo itself is entirely different when compared to its later remastered updates, being slightly shorter in length and a lack of features that were not planned to be implemented yet. The demo was created by only two people: theMeatly and Mike Mood, way before hiring several more developers for bigger collaboration. 041b061a72


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