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  • Intro:Yapped is no longer supported, and is missing features that are vital for Elden Ring 1.07 and future updates. All regulation.bin modding and merging should now use DSMapStudio. It is similar to Yapped, but has more features and is getting constant updates.This is a guide to merging regulation.bin mods into your own regulation.bin. There are a few great things about this strategy:You don't need to count on the mod author to upload .CSV files!

  • You can merge old mods that haven't been updated to the latest Elden Ring update, and everything should work.

  • You don't need to count on the mod author to explain which rows they edited in each param!

  • It is lengthy, but after you get used to it, you will be able to merge mods in 10 minutes or less. Let me know if there are errors or you don't understand any steps. MapStudio Setup:If you don't already have it, download MapStudio here: . Always download the "", do not download the source code. Extract it to a folder.

  • Open MapStudio, and in the top left corner, press File then New Project. (If you already have a project setup for your own regulation.bin, you can skip to step 1 in "Merging")

  • In this new window, name your project (something like "Main" will work), then make the project directory in the folder that your existing modded regulation.bin is. Ideally, your modded regulation.bin is in the ModEngine2 "mod" folder, so you'd create a new project inside that mod folder.

  • For "Game Executable", you want to select your eldenring.exe file in the steam /game folder.

  • Click the checkbox for "Load Default Row Names".

  • Then press "Create".

  • Now you should have a project that automatically opened your modded regulation.bin. You can take a peek in the "Param Editor" window to see if all your stuff is still there. At this point, it's a good idea to make a backup of your regulation.bin (just copy the file and put the copy somewhere else), just in case something messes up. On to the merging!

  • Merging:1. Right now you should have your main MapStudio project open. See "MapStudio Setup" if you don't know how to do this. 2. Download the new mod's regulation.bin and create a new project in the folder that the NEW regulation.bin is in.3. In this new project, click on the "Param Editor" tab on the top left. 4. On the top left, there will now be a search bar. Type "modified" in this search bar. All the mod's edited parameters will show up in this left window now.Due to some mods being created awhile ago, there might be some params here that don't belong. For example, "GraphicsConfig" or something weird. If the new mod's description lists the params it edited, feel free to only copy from those params. (For example, Clever's Moveset Modpack lists the modded params in the description, so you only have to merge those params to merge CMM.)5. Click on the first parameter in the left window and type "modified" in the search bar on the top of the middle window. You should now see some green rows. (green means that row was modified by the mod author)This part is weird because some mods have a tonnnnn of green rows for some reason. This is because the mod is old, and mapstudio things fromsoft's changes are mod changes. Don't worry about it for now if you run into this, either copy everything or figure out what rows the mod changed and only copy those. 6. In the middle window, press CTRL+A to select all the modified rows. (Tip: Ctrl+Click to multi-select only the ones you want, if you know which rows to copy)7. On the top left of MapStudio, click on Edit, then Export CSV, then To File, then All. A new window will show up. Save the file to the project folder, and name the file appropriately. (If you're exporting AtkParam_PC from my modpack, name the file AtkParam_PC_clevermodpack, for example).8. Great, you just exported that param. Do steps 5-7 for each parameter that shows up in the left window in step 4. Depending on how big the mod is, you might have a dozen or more parameters to export. 9. Once all the parameters are exported, it's time to import! Close the new mod's project, and open your "Main" project. 10. Open the "Param Editor" tab on the top left. Then on the top left searchbar, search for the param you just exported from, then click on that param to open the middle window.11. Click on Edit, then Import CSV, then From File, then All. In the file explorer window, select the file that you exported in step 7. Make sure you import the correct export. (If you're importing into AtkParam_PC, make sure to select the AtkParam_PC file, for example) Press Open.12. Congrats, you just merged this parameter. (type in "modified" in the middle window search bar to confirm the new rows are here). Now, Go back to steps 10-11 and do that for each param you have an export file for. 13. Once you imported each of the export files into their params, you did it! Don't forget to save with File > Save Params or use the CTRL+S shortcut to save. Things To Note:Overall, Elden Ring mod merging is scuffed as hell. You are bound to run into issues, especially if you try to merge overhauls or giant modpacks together. Feel free to ask for help in the comments.

  • This is a "new stuff overwrites old stuff" merge. For example, if you already had an edit for the Nagakiba weapon and the new mod also has a edit for the Nagakiba, the new edit will overwrite your old edit.

  • If a mod was created a few Elden Ring updates ago, it will probably have a ton of green rows that the official updates changed. You can....probably just copy all of these with the rest. IDK. Let me know if you have issues.

  • This does not merge animation files, like the c0000.anibnd.dcx file. It also doesn't merge changed strings, such as weapon names and descriptions. Here's an animation merge guide: How to merge c0000.anibnd.dcx files with Yabber

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to suggest improvements.-CleverRevision 1.01: Changed export/import to use .csv files due to the second window of mapstudio crashing.Revision 1.02: Tiny changes, added ctrl+click selection tip.

Download ADN TNK zip

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