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Best Buy Em Manhattan

Good store but this location is more like a Best Buy lite. Product on hand is limited to the most popular or best selling items. If you're coming out of your way for a hard to find item don't bother.Euric Calcagno

best buy em manhattan

Agent Carlson entered the store with only a Mini-DV tape. He went directly to the video camera section of the store, locating on the ground level right next to the front door, conveniently. He found their best 3-CCD camera, inserted his tape, and positioned it to film everyone entering the front door.

i dont know maybe its me but i didnt find this very funny. i thought i had a good sense of humor but it seems you just aggravated hard working best buy employees, customers who just looking to shop and the police who you seemed very beligerant to. like other people have posted on this site it seems like the only people who had a good time were the people who participated in this "prank". it just seems like it wasnt a harmless prank and you probally ruined a couple of peoples day. other than that it was good nobody got arrested and it looked very well planned. thanks

best idea in the world is to have them all in there and have a random guy running in saying that a team of people just like you guys blew up a best buy in wyoming or some shit and tell your agents that everytime an actual BB employee asked them if they needed help finding something you tell then to reply "yes, im looking for wire,glue,a barney rubble doll, and C4" lololol

but its not ok to help people with something if you dont know what your talking about. like that last dude said, a customer may suffer cause u guys got them the wrong thing. your making best buy look worse than it should. i mean most of those customers probably lef tnot knowing wtf happened and rprobably never heard of this website. they just think best buy is stupid now. good job.

if i were best buy id sue for the disruption of my business what exactly was the point of all this the police should have filed charges for being called out on such bs as this was you think its funny the cops had to come to your prank instead of taking calls where they were really needed you have no respect for business or the police who had to come to get rid of you

omg! i work at best buy and if you would have done that i would have lmao! that is so funny and hey you would just be making my life easier! or well maybe harder bc after you leave i have the rath of the MANEGER! lol still funny tho

I also wanted to say that i have noticed there are many misconceptions about Best Buy. I work at a Best Buy in Buffalo, NY and I believe that the majority of people who shop there are very satisfied. We try to offer the best service possible. Maybe there are some employees at random Best Buy stores across the nation, that give Best Buy a bad reputation because they are rude or dont know what they are doing but thats not common in my store.We are also non-commissioned which alot of people dont realize and that is important because we are just trying to be friendly and help u find what you are looking for. I saw some people say how it is annoying that BB employees come up to you to help as if you cant decide what to buy yourself. As an employee we are extremely willing to help any customer and if someone doesnt want any help thats perfectly fine. We are simply there to recommend different products and have knowledge on those products to tell you why that might be better for you or why thats so different from the other one. Although some customers come in to the store with the appropriate product knowledge most people dont know a whole lot about the product they are looking to get. I also want to give an example as to why we contantly offer assistance. Say you are looking to buy a printer, you go ahead and buy that printer and you are really excited about printing some pictures when you get home. You get home and set the printer up, one problem is that you dont have a usb cable to hook it up to your computer and also dont have any paper. If you talked to a BB employee, he/she would have told you that all new printers dont include usb cables and we might have reminded you to get some paper and made you aware of some good deals. I just think people who had a bad experience with Best Buy should just give it another shot because you may have dealt with one bad employee that probably should be fired. I understand that there is no company that will make every customer happy. If anyone has any comments or questions about what I wrote here please just post it below me.

Hey i work at best buy as well! this was good my store is good with the customers but the employees are treated like crap! but i loved this so much!!!!!! do it again to more best buys like in the mid west area!

Our ability to shop auto dealers and financial institutions nationwide provides you with a competitive lease program that is difficult to beat. To obtain a quote, simply fill out an online credit application or call us at (718) 701-8603. You will receive a lease quote showing the lowest payments and all lease variables for your desired car. See our monthly Best Buy Auto Leasing specials for some of the best auto lease deals on the most sought after cars, trucks and SUVs.

In an era where retail is increasingly moving online, some shoppers still prefer to deal with actual human beings when they go to the store. But the folks at Best Buy believe that some in-store customer service tasks may be best done by automatons.

Sound of Music operated nine stores throughout Minnesota by 1978.[25] In 1981, the Roseville, Minnesota, Sound of Music location, at the time the largest and most profitable Sound of Music store, was hit by a tornado.[22] The store's roof was sheared off and showroom destroyed, but the storeroom was left intact.[22][26] In response, Schulze decided to have a "Tornado Sale" of damaged and excess stock in the damaged store's parking lot.[22] He poured the remainder of his marketing budget into advertising the sale, promising "best buys" on everything.[26] Sound of Music made more money during the four-day sale than it did in a typical month.[23]

In the second quarter of 2007, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ordered an investigation into the company's use of an in-store website alleged to have misled customers on item sales prices.[93] In December 2007, the Los Angeles Times reported on the same issue, in which some customers claimed they thought they were surfing the Internet version of at an in-store kiosk only to learn that the site reflected in-store prices only. In response, company spokesperson Sue Busch indicated the in-store kiosks were not intended for price-match purposes and rather were a means to navigate in-store availability. Since the initial investigation, a banner was placed on the in-store site to make its customers more aware of the difference.[94]

Hello, I am coming to New York in the next month for on e week, I have arrange all the tours and theatr and shows ,I have one free aftternonn and I would to do shoping for electronics in one shope. I was told that Best Buy has a good selectin of electronics, I would like to know the the location of the biggest shop for best buy in Manhattan,Thank youTarohas

Damon Runyon Broadway Ticket ServiceThe Damon Runyon Broadway Ticket Service allows customers to support cancer research from the best seats in the theater, offering premier seats to nearly every show on Broadway. Every purchase includes a voluntary tax-deductible donation. Tickets go on sale on the first weekday of each month for shows taking place the following month.

Ryan goes over the rehearsal agenda. After the introductory talk, employees split into their respective departments for detailed briefings on door-buster items, pricing, inventories and how best to pitch extended-warranty protection and store credit cards.

[#image: /photos/53db19c36dec627b14a1878e]WHERE'S BROOK? contest winner Susan Cory (middle), Brook (right), and I had lunch in Manhattan last Friday, July 13, 2007.Okay, gamesters: Wanna guess where WHERE'S BROOK? contest winner Susan Cory and Brook and I ate last week? Susan, a residential architect, chose the restaurant because she's a fan of its modernist architecture.[#image: /photos/53db19c36dec627b14a1879e]Here's another clue: Note the plate that Susan's Dover sole arrived on.You may recall that Susan and I had lunch last month when I was up in Cambridge, Mass., where she lives. It ended up hardly being a proper contest-winner lunch, however: Thanks to a delayed train to Boston, I was so rushed that we had time only for a burger. And of course Brook was dying to meet Susan too. Plus Susan has so many great travel tricks up her sleeve that I wanted to hear more. We needed a do-over. So, when everyone's paths crossed in Manhattan last weekend, we had a proper celebration. It also just happened to be my birthday.[#image: /photos/53db19c3dcd5888e145e322e]The main topic of conversation was LuxuryLink, a Web auction site that Susan swears by. She's scored huge bargains at first-rate hotels and resorts. Three years ago she paid $800 for three nights, including tax and breakfast, at La Samanna, the posh resort on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Two years ago she paid $900 for five nights, with breakfast daily and one dinner, at the Grand Hotel in San Remo, Italy. And in October she's headed to St. Petersburg, Russia, where she's bought a five-night package for two at The Astoria for $1,264, which includes tax, daily breakfast, one dinner, and an hour-long massage for both her and her husband. Considering how crazy expensive St. Petersburg is, that's a steal. The retail value quoted on LuxuryLink is $3,534. You go, Susan! Susan's tips for getting the best price via LuxuryLink:[#image: /photos/53db19c36dec627b14a1878c](1) The LuxuryLink packages labeled "Best Buy" are not your best buy. You can save a lot more money bidding in the auctions than choosing the "best buy" packages, which have price tags attached.(2) Don't bid till the very last minute. Susan actually gave similar advice to what we've written here before: "Auctions are always extended to five minutes past the last bid. Say an auction is due to close at noon. If you bid at 11:59, thebidding will be extended until 12:04. If someone else bids higher thanyou at 12:03, you have until 12:08 to rebid. And so on."Susan also mentioned that she was upgraded at La Samanna (even though it was high season!) to a bungalow on the beach. "I was impressed by how graciously we were treated by these hotels," she noted, "no matter how much below rack rate we were paying."[#image: /photos/53db19c3dcd5888e145e3230]Dessert -- especially the "raspberry summer pudding" (far right) and the "blueberry buckle" (front center) -- was the highlight of the meal. As if that weren't enoughcalories, we also sampled the "hazelnut and passion fruit bombe"(middle). 041b061a72


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