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The Last Legion

Ambrosinus and Romulus are rescued from Capri by Aurelius and three surviving legionaries, Vatrenus, Batiatus and Demetrius, accompanied by Mira, a female Indian agent of the Eastern Roman Empire. They take Romulus to a seaport where the Eastern Roman Empire has promised safe passage to Constantinople. They barely escape after they learn the Senate and the Eastern Empire have betrayed them and sided with Odoacer.

The Last Legion

Ambrosinus persuades Romulus to seek refuge in Britain, where the Legio IX Hispana (Ninth Legion) may remain loyal, being far from the events. They are followed by Wulfila and the Goths, who covet Caesar's sword after learning of the prophecy. Crossing the Alps and the English Channel, the party travels to Hadrian's Wall and initially find no evidence of the legion until a farmer reveals he used to be its commanding general. With the collapse of Roman support of Britain, the legion had decided to disband and settle as farmers. Most of the men in the legion had married and had families and did not want to antagonise the region's powerful warlord, Vortgyn. During their stay in the small Celtic village, Romulus meets and befriends a young girl named Igraine, who is unaware of Romulus' true identity.

Thomas Sangster (Romulus) was one of the last to be cast. He had previously worked with Firth in Love Actually (2003) and Nanny McPhee (2006), and their familiarity with each other benefited both.[4]

Unbeknownst to the conquerors, however, Aurelius and a few of his men have survived. With the help of a beguiling and lethal emissary from the Byzantine Empire named Mira, this band of disenfranchised legionnaires sets off to free their emperor. Their quest will lead them from Capri to Britannia in search of the long-lost 9th Roman Legion, a mythic fighting force that they hope can combat the Goths and liberate Rome.

A pseudo-historical film exploring the fictional idea that Romulus Augustus, considered to be the last Roman Emperor in the West, left Italy after he was deposed and traveled to Britain, where he became known as Uther Pendragon.

Romulus (Thomas Sangster), the last of the Caesars, is on the run from Rome. The great city has been overrun and a brutal warlord named Odoacer (Peter Mullan) is in charge. He orders his second-in-command, the villainous Wulfila (Kevin McKidd), to hold the boy captive. However, with the help of a Roman commander named Aurelius (Colin Firth), an Eastern warrior named Mira (Aishwarya Rai), and a sorcerer named Ambrosinus (Ben Kingsley), Romulus is freed from his island prison. Pursued by Wulfila's pack, Aurelius takes his lord north to Britannia, where they hope to make contact with the legendary Ninth Legion. At Hadrian's Wall, they learn the truth about the legion and fight a massive battle against a tyrant king.

But the good guys are betrayed upon their return to Rome. So they venture off to Britannia to seek help from the last remaining Roman Legion loyal to the young emperor, all the while pursued by the bad guys and threatened by an even worse tyrant.

This really is so bad it becomes hilarious. I have laughed so hard this last hour and a half. It's like a bad episode of "Xena, warrior princess", but lacking its humor and taking itself amazingly serious. The acting is laughable, it has "powerful" and cheesy music that make you cringe and the whole production looks like it was made by a ten-year-old child.

Featuring a who's who of TV regulars from Spartacus's John Hannah to Rome's Kevin McKidd and a few faces from Game Of Thrones, with Ben Kingsley and Colin Firth lobbed in seemingly at the last minute when they realised they had no names to justify the monstrous budget.

Sorry but I really liked it. I mean Excalibur? Colin Firth? Colin Firth as a roman legionary? Colin Firth as a roman legionary fighting? Colin Firth as a roman legionary fighting with a sword? Colin Firth as a roman legionary fighting with a sword and having the father instinct?I have to love it.

The Legio V Macedonica was levied sometime around 43 BC during the late Republic Era, possibly under Gaius Octavius (the future Emperor Augustus). At the time, two legions, the V Gallica and the V Urbana are recorded in early text, one or both of which, may be the precursor to the Legio V Macedonica.

When Augustus became sole ruler in 31 BC following the War of Actium, he disbanded around half of the legions, consolidating the remaining legions into a standing military force that became the core of the early Imperial army of the Principate.

There it remained until the Dacians attacked the province of Moesia, with the Legio V Macedonica being despatched to campaign against the Dacians in the Battle of Tappae. The legion continued to campaign during the reign of Emperor Trajan against the Dacians between AD 101 to 106, but following the conclusion of the war, the legion was transferred to the north-east of Moesia to Troezmis, another Roman legionary fortress situated on Limes Moesiae frontier system that protected the border from attacks by the Roxolani tribes.

For most of the 3rd century AD, the legion was based at Potaissa, having fought several wars against the Dacian Carp tribe, where the Emperor Valerian, also awarded the legion the title of Pia III Fidelis III (Thrice Pious and loyal).

Further titles were bestowed by Emperor Gallienus, who gave the legion the title, VII Pia VII Fidelis, with the 4th, 5th and 6th titles awarded probably when the legion was used as a mobile cavalry unit against the usurpers, Ingenuus and Regalianus.

In AD 274, the Legio V Macedonica was transferred back to Oescus and constructed a second Legionary fortress called Oescus II. The cavalry units were detached from the legion and sent to campaign in Mesopotamia against the Sassanid Empire in AD 296.

The last remnants of the Legio V Macedonica Legio is mentioned in inscriptions that provide a date of AD 635 or 636. The inscriptions describe the legion fortifying the defences of Heliopolis, a Roman city in Lebanon that fell to the invading forces of the Rashidun Caliphate.

What happened to the Legio V Macedonica is unknown. We can only assume that the remaining detachments were defeated during the Arab invasions of the Levant and Egypt, however, what is striking is the enduring legacy of one of the last legions from the Roman Empire.

Backtrack and continue west along the childer-infested passage, whilst collecting the Helm of Hirol's Defense, Masterpiece Stout Rune Tracing, Paragon Stout Rune Tracing, and Carved Greenstone from the Treasury, before ending up in a room with multiple routes - a passage north to the map's starting point, an exit returns to the Knotwood Hills (which you should probably use, since there is a bug/glitch associated with Sigrun's Joining), and the last exit continues to the Lower Reaches. 041b061a72


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