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Surah Yaseen Wird E Mubeen Pdf 20 !EXCLUSIVE!

- surah yaseen in english pdf. below are the printable files to download surah yasin with 7 mubeen in english pdf, surah yasin with seven mubeen in english pdf, surah yasin with seven mubeen in english pdf, surah yasin with seven mubeen in english pdf.

Surah Yaseen Wird E Mubeen Pdf 20


  • the following is the summary of the mubeen of surah ya'sein. translation of the surah : the person in whose heart is the remembrance of the mubeen. it is a kind of good that has been found by the most wise. for this we are told that the qur'an has been set in 7 pieces. one cuts the surah, and one recites the verses from that surah as if one has sung a song.

  • poetry : it is said that allah has the friend who is the heart.

  • dhu'afa : it is the genuine religion.

  • madinan haq : it is right in all the affairs.

  • hadwad : it is a speech of patience.

  • wadyan : it does not become known except by it.

  • saud : it is considered that way by the sharers of the grace.

  • dil : it does not spread its roots except in the heart.

  • khamreem : the speech that removes from the heart the cause of annoyance.

  • safreem : the speech which alleviates the heart's pain and breath.

  • mubeen : it is good.

  • nihayat: it is of the best.

this surah is the true test for the determination of the deeds. whoever reads and rereads it again and again, will clearly understand the meaning of deeds and will be able to recognize the qualities of a true person.

the duty of the holy prophet to read this surah to the people is proved by baihaqi. the holy prophet's delivering this surah to the people on the night of qadr and the number of angels that came to receive the prayer of the prophet is proved by kulayni.


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