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Famous Quotes From Hindi Films

This is the rationale behind why the majority of Indians used dialogues in everyday speech. The greatest and best writers give everything they have to produce these literary works, and they also receive global acclaim for their efforts. Writing effective dialogue is essential to creating a successful film because dialogue speaks for itself. So if you are a true Bollywood saga fan then you must dive into this article to read about the famous bollywood dialogues in Hindi from movies. Here I have listed the same:

famous quotes from hindi films

The evergreen and iconic line of Indian Cinema, said by Veeru to stop his Basanti from dancing in front of the villains. The famous Hindi dialogue of the Bollywood list needs to be filled with this kind of popular dialogue.

Talking of the Bollywood movie dialogues, we cannot forget to thank celebrated writers like Javed Akhtar, Gulzar, Salim Khan, and many others, to name who have penned down some of the famous dialogues of hindi movies. Here we have curated some of the famous dialogues of Bollywood that have made the Hindi film industry popular across the globe. Some of them have made us laugh, and some of them have made us emotional. In all, they all are best dialogues of Bollywood movies.

Bollywood has completed more than 100 years and thanks to all the legendary writers for giving us exemplary and popular dialogues of Bollywood movie over the years. Here we have curated a list of famous Bollywood dialogues from a different era. Each of the old movie dialogues will remind of the characters that have mouthed it!

This is another dialogue that has become synonymous with the first superstar, i.e., Rajesh Khanna. This is one of the most famous dialogues of Bollywood-from the movie Anand. This statement has been inspirational for many.

The veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha is known for his versatile acting. The dialogue is so popular that at times younger Sinha, aka Sonakshi Sinha, also uses the dialogue to make everyone Khamooosh. This is indeed one of the famous Bollywood dialogues from the 1971 release, Badla.

Our list of famous dialogues of Bollywood from the 70s and 80s era cannot be completed without this dialogue from the movie Yadon ki Baraat (1973). Ever since the movie release, the dialogue became synonymous with legendry actor Dharmendra.

2000 was a trendsetter in Hindi Cinema as the era had actors from all the generations. It had modestly budgeted movies with excellent scripts. Writers like Anurag Kashyap, Imtiaz Ali, Vishal Bharadwaj marked their entry into Bollywood. Some of the famous hindi movie dialogues from the 2000s are:

One liners create defining moments in films. Timing and delivery of a dialogue or one liner is important in Hindi films. Facial expressions are crucial when an actor or actress has to say a one liner. A plethora of emotions are awakened when a dialogue is said with warmth and feel by an actor. The lines below showcase memorable one liners and dialogues from Bollywood movies.

Kapoor started his career working under legends like Shakti Samanta. The most famous film produced by him remains the Shekhar Kapur directed sci-fi film Mr India starring his brother Anil Kapoor and his future wife Sridevi. It was the second biggest hit of 1987 and remains a cult classic in India. The film was known for several of its lines and songs, including Sridevi's "Miss Hawa Hawaii" performance and Amrish Puri's quote "Mogambo khush hua" (Mogambo is satisfied), which is one of the most famous quotes of Bollywood and has become synonymous with Puri.[5]

The film industry is a dream come true to many aspiring actors, directors, photographers, designers, makeup artists, editors, costume designers, set designers, writers, screenplay writers, and many other artists. Filmmaking is indeed tedious and requires a massive budget concerning the concept. The process takes months to years for it to be completed. Here are 100 best filmmaking quotes about filmmaking from famous directors.

The process of making feature films is like reading a book. This involves various steps done by different departments of people, while the film director is at the helm of affairs. Here is a list of inspiring filmmaking quotes along with popular Steven Spielberg quotes about filmmaking that must feature in your life book of inspiring quotes. 350c69d7ab


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