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Experience the Thrill of Far Cry 6: Download Now and Save Yara from Tyranny

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far cry 6 download

Ubisoft just recently released Far Cry 6, but some players are already encountering issues with the FPS. Some fans who purchased a hard copy of the latest title in the Far Cry series have already been greeted by a tremendous download size.

During the last console generation and into the current one, gamers who purchased physical copies of games would still encounter a download of some sort upon popping the disc into their consoles. This download is notably smaller than if players digitally purchased a game and gamers can save some space on their drives that way. Because Far Cry 6 is on store shelves now, players have begun reporting how much larger than normal the day-one download is than normal.

Reddit user Rpgfan10 recently posted a photo from their Xbox Series X which showed just how large the download for Far Cry 6 is even with a disc. According to the post, Far Cry 6 has a 68.51GB file size, with only 735.37MB on the disc itself. Based on Rpgfan10's internet speed, this download takes about two hours to complete.

Their disappointment with the download compelled Rpgfan10 to compare the Xbox disc to a drink coaster. Some other Far Cry fans also voiced their woes in downloading the game despite having a disc version of the game. Although this seems to be a recurring issue with people who purchased Far Cry 6 physically, there may be a valid reason for it.

Some Far Cry 6 fans are defending the game from Rpgfan10's post, stating that the disc seems to be the Xbox One version and it's downloading on an Xbox Series X. As a result, the game won't run from the disc so the full Xbox Series X version of the game has to be downloaded. These gamers have also assured those who are perturbed by big downloads with disc games that once the Xbox One stops receiving support, the Xbox Series X discs will hold all of the data.

Far Cry 6 boasts a big Caribbean open world for players to explore at their own pace, so it isn't surprising that it has a large download size. During this console generation, gamers have been hit by several massive file downloads, most notably Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Ubisoft still has more to add to Far Cry 6 as it's receiving DLC and will be updated as well, so the file size will increase as it evolves.

If you've picked up, or you're thinking of picking up a physical copy of Far Cry 6 for your Xbox Series X, you'll probably want to be aware that due to how Smart Delivery works, you'll pretty much have to download the entire thing.

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The disc actually includes the Xbox One version of Far Cry 6, so if you're playing on the next-gen console, you'll find that the game only installs 700MB from the disc, leaving the rest of the 68GB to be downloaded from the web.

Additionally, if you're playing on Xbox Series X and haven't downloaded it already (it should download automatically), be aware that Far Cry 6 has an optional 34GB HD Texture Pack which you can locate by hitting 'Menu' on the game tile and then navigating to 'Manage game & add-ons'. In there, you should see an option for the texture pack to help boost your visuals even further.

EDIT:I understand that people with poor internet may want to buy a physical copy, but to be honest poor internet is gonna catch you out at some point, even if the game is on the disc, updates are often huge these days and games never release in a final state.It's just the way it is, game publishers are not not going to release their game 18 months later just so you can get a final version on a disc, the world has changed.Updates can also be a positive, games often get support for a long time and you are going to have to download lots of data, this is gaming and has been the case since last gen (2013 XB1/PS4).

@themightyant True, but this is still a major disadvantage over the PS5 in that particular area. Not this game as there's a huge patch even on the PS5 (and rare game here and there), but most games that you buy physically on the PS5 install almost completely from the disc with only having to download a small patch. Smart Delivery is nice, but then they should include two discs or just put the Series X version on the disc and make Xbox One people download the game like some games have done. I'm skeptical that Microsoft will ever switch over to UHD discs like Sony did right from the start even when games are no longer cross-gen.

It's such a weird one because people will have different preferences. I think for me, it's a given that one day I will have a Series X so I would probably want to have the Series X version on disc and have that download the One version in the mean time but that would be frustrating for somebody who is never planning to upgrade

@themightyant It affects anybody who still buys physical copies. Granted people with really good internet will have it downloaded in a quick enough amount of time, but the other side that has mediocre internet at best gains very little by buying it on disc. Also, in this case, Ubisoft screwed up as any game that has Xbox Series X listed first on the cover has always had the Series X version on the disc from the games I've bought. At least the cover posted online.

My copy came on Wednesday. I knew I would probably have to download the whole game, so I was lucky enough to be able to nip home from work to start the download. By the time I got back home from work to was ready to play!

I really don't see the point of discs anymore, on this console. They are now just keys to unlock your content, which has to be downloaded anyway. So you better download it right away, in order to cancel one step of the process (you just select your game and play).

Not good. What if I was on limited data or had no internet? I buy disc based games so I don't have to download games. I have unlimited data, but I use mobile data. When it downloads too fast my phone overheats. So I can't be downloading games. If discs can't hold the whole game in it, then add an additional disc.

It looks like, a lot of people who are trying to download Far Cry 6 via Ubisoft Connect(previously known as Uplay), are facing some speed and installation issues. The download is getting stuck for some. While for some, the download is quite slow. Let me be clear, I did not face any such problem during my installation. Also, it looks like the issue is more prominent on Ubisoft Connect, when compared to Epic Games Store.

Now, this makes sense in case of users who do not have a high-speed network. But, to my surprise, I am also seeing users with fiber connections and high download speeds, complain about this. According to them, the installation bar is reluctant to move or make any sort of progress, no matter what they do. So, is it a bug that is causing all these?

Far Cry 6 will become available for preload on 5th September for consoles, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect (former Uplay).For the PC version of the game, once the preload becomes available and if you have pre-purchased the game, simply find your copy of the game on your Epic Games Store/Ubisoft Connect accounts and click on "download" to start installing the game.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'ginx_tv-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_5',145,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ginx_tv-large-mobile-banner-1-0');For consoles, read further belowHow to pre-load Far Cry 6 on Xbox Series XS and Xbox One?You will need around 60 GB of free space on PC. (Picture: Ubisoft)From the Xbox home screen, open "My games and apps"Select "Games"Find Far Cry 6 and select itPress "A" to open the installation menuSelect "Manage installation on Internal"If the game is available for download you will be able to checkmark "will install"Select "Save changes" and you will be able to see your game downloadingMake sure that the console is on or in standby mode while the game is being downloaded or you will interrupt the processHow to preload Far Cry 6 on PS4/PS5When the preload becomes available, if you preordered the game, it will appear in your collection of PlayStation games.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'ginx_tv-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_7',146,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ginx_tv-large-mobile-banner-2-0');

Far Cry 6 players who want a top-notch visual experience can download the HD texture pack and check out how it really elevates the graphics. There are a few things you need to know before you download and use it though. In this guide, I will explain which settings you need to have to make the most of this HD texture pack and how to download it for your PC as well as Xbox Series X and PS5.

During the process of the game download for the first time, you will be prompted to download additional language packs. After that step, you will be prompted to download additional components such as the HD texture pack. Choose the install location, continue, accept the EULA and the download will begin.

There is exciting news for all the gamers! You are going to get to play Far Cry 6 absolutely free this weekend. This development came as a surprise as it has not even been a full year since the launch of the popular first-person shooter and the publisher Ubisoft has made the game available for free across all platforms. So, for this weekend, anyone can download the game from their preferred platform and not only play the entire offline campaign but also the extra DLC content as well. So, if you want to play this action-adventure by Ubisoft for free and know how to download Far Cry 6, then read on.


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