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Subtitle Duplicity [CRACKED]

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subtitle Duplicity

"Governor Ricketts is a man of integrity, a great Catholic, and a friend to the Church," Flynn said. "I don't think he'd appreciate the disrespect and duplicity of 'Nebraskans for the Death Penalty.' I'm sure that as he becomes aware of the situation, he'll encourage the group to stop using the face of Bishop Conley, a consistent opponent of the death penalty, in order to confuse Catholics before the election."

While there is much concern for the "Repeat Offender" heading of the statute, we are not convinced that the legislative intent was that the (b) through (e) provisions were to be referenced exclusively in a repeat offender definition. Furthermore, the heading of a title, subtitle, chapter, subchapter, *255 or section does not limit or expand the meaning of a statute. Section 311.024 Government Code.

[3] That `The War on Crime" was waged with several legislative bills as weapons seemed to confuse some warriors fighting controlled substances. For example, 8 of House Bill 730, ante, added 4.051, captioned and proscribing "Unlawful possession of marihuana," as well as 4.052, "Illegal investment." Whereas House Bill 729, 1, also added 4.051, captioned and proscribing "Delivery of controlled substance to minor." (That duplicity was resolved, however, in Acts 1983, 68th Leg., Ch. 425, p. 2361, at 2392, 16, by creating and moving to 4.053 "Delivery of Controlled Substance to Minor.")

In Acheson: The Secretary of State Who Created the World, James Chace provides the first truly complete biography of Harry Truman's secretary of state. The subtitle is overblown; Harry Truman was more important than Acheson. But this is solid fare. Chace, the editor of World Policy Journal, is a veteran writer on foreign policy, and at a moment when Republicans are smearing the reputations of leading Democrats, his work offers a reminder that this behavior is old hat for the GOP.

The truth is that foreign policy, or diplomacy, often has to be conducted in some secrecy. And there is a distinction between necessary secrecy and the duplicity practiced by Nixon. Take the recent summit meeting between the Israelis and Palestinians supervised by Pres ident Clinton. The summit was a success, but it was necessary to conduct it out of the glare of the public spotlight, away from the clamoring constituencies that would have prevented an agreement. If all agreements and negotiations were "openly arrived at," as Wilson naively insisted, the result would be chaos. The more trenchant criticism seems to be Moynihan's: that the bureaucracy has turned secrecy into a fetish. 041b061a72


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