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Dr Dre XXLs 50 Greatest Dr Dre Beats Of All Time 11 [BETTER]

When things get tight between them, they always have each other's back. Eminem caught himself in the middle of 50 Cent-Ja Rule longtime war, and he backed his protégé. In return, 50 had Eminem's back when top-flight publications like The Source and XXL were against him. Dr. Dre, on the other hand, always gave his green light by cooking the beats for them.

Dr Dre XXLs 50 Greatest Dr Dre Beats Of All Time 11

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While grime has finally established British rap on a global level, UK hip-hop in the 90s never quite reached the heights of what was happening in the US at the time. That is except for Roots Manuva who didn't shy away from being British in his rhymes: he didn't hide his accent, or exaggerate his situation to proto-gangsta rap levels. His rapping on Brand New Second Hand is not 'mo money, mo problems' more 'normal money, normal problems'. All of this is accompanied by big bass and sparse beats, echoing a cold rainy day on the streets of Brixton and highlighting Manuva's pristine rapping.

The album also contains disses of artists such as Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Cadillac Tah, and Black Child. The song "Back Down" was listed on XXL (magazine)'s list of the greatest diss tracks of all time. [1]

abnjay00 i can tell you the reason. And the reason is not, that anyone here is biased or something like that. The reason why nearly no songs from the last two decades into the list is, that today the musicians concentrate more on making a good video than making a good song with senseful text and good beats. The real Rap has died long time ago and since Rap/HipHop has reached mainstream, the quality of the songs goes totally downhill. Nonsense texts which only children maybe can find cool. I stop listened to new Rap stuff 20 years ago.

I just recently purchased an HP envy with build in beats speakers. The problem for me is that, every time the volume exceeds that of 65, the speakers start getting noisy and vibrate. I read some where that i need to alter the EQ settings but i don't know which ones are best suited to the type of music i listen to. 350c69d7ab


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