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Farhat Rams
Farhat Rams

NaturalVision Online [Latest Version].oiv

On behalf of my buddy "Reacon" and I (JAM102970) we're happy to inform everyone that we managed to get this mod working again. For the past few weeks we've being doing independent tests and communicating with each other, trying to figure out the root of the problem with GTS and why it hasn't been working for quite a while now. As you probably already know, if you install GTS as is via .oiv package your game will crash and installing it manually doesn't help either. There are many problems with this mod such as limited playability, crashes, issues with dialogue, amongst other glitches. Well, after some extensive testing we figured out the problem lies within the "custom weapons" folders. For some reason the most recent .1395 and previous .1290 patches reject custom or any exotic weapons within any mod because of weapon.meta limits. The custom weapons included in this mod are rejected by the latest upgrade therefor causing crashes. If you unzip the .oiv to reveal its contents (you can use Winrar or 7-zip to open it), in the "update" folder you will find the dlcpacks, within the "dlcpacks" folder you have the "space1ng" & "space2ng" folders, within the "space1ng" folder there are two additional folders: the "weaponfluxpistol.meta" & the "weaponpulserifle.meta", those are the two exotic weapons meta files that are causing the crashes. Once we figured out those two files were the cause of the problem then we found the solution. Follow the steps below correctly and you should be able to play Grand Theft Space:

NaturalVision Online [Latest Version].oiv

2. Once you've installed the "CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster 1.0.1" mod now you can install GTS. Make sure you have all the other necessary mods and files required by GTS already installed (a good GameConfig, NoBoundaryLimits, .NET Framework 4.5.2, C++ Redist 2017, latest ScriptHookV, latest ScriptHookVDotNet, latest NativeUI). You can install GTS normally via the .oiv package using OpenIV or if you prefer you can install manually by opening up the .oiv file to extract the contents within. It doesn't matter how you install GTS as long as you follow the instructions above it should work fine. Keep in mind that if you install GTS via the .oiv package and something goes wrong in your game you're gonna have a tough time getting your game restored back to normal if you didn't make a backup copy of your files because Grand Theft Space DOES NOT comes with an "uninstall.oiv". I personally prefer installing my mods manually if there isn't an uninstall.oiv included, that way I know exactly where I installed each individual file within the directory but, that's your choice. You shouldn't have any problems installing GTS via .oiv package as long as you have the "CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster 1.0.1" mod already installed in your game's directory or you can take out the weapon meta files from the "space1ng" folder. NOTE: If you're installing GTS manually read step #3 below, otherwise skip.

XENORT contacted me through Discord DM because he found original game files in your upload and suggested me to check the files by saying this:"In the mod changelog MvcGyver mentions new sounds for Perico Pistol, Military Rifle, Combat Shotgun (they are from latest update for GTA Online), Navy Revolver and Ceramic Pistol. But the thing is, files he provided in .oiv installer are THE SAME AS ORIGINAL game sounds. If you compare original "ptl_navy_revolver.awc", "combat_shotgun.awc", "weapon_bullpup.awc" and "weapon_gadget_pistol.awc" to his files you will find no difference."

Let's start with the sad news: This is VisualVanilla's Final update. In short, VisualVanilla is discontinued. Any potential updates from now on will only be for adding support to the latest game version. There will no longer be any significant changes or additions to it. 041b061a72


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